Brett Pribble

Master of Fine Arts, Creative Writing, Full Sail University (2010)
Bachelor of Arts, English, University of Central Florida (2005)

Professional Experience
Ghost Paracute, Editor-in-Chief and Founder, September 2016 – Present
Full Sail University, Creative Writing Instructor, 2006 – Present
The Kerouac Project, Board of Directors and Selection Committee, 2015 – present
Proofreader of campus wide course syllabi, 2010
The Aviator, Reading Fiction Submissions, 2010-2012
Kelly Services, Reviewing and Scoring Essays, 2006
The Florida Review, Reading fiction and poetry submissions, 2005
E.S.L. Training (2002-2003)
Talk America, Managed 40 sales representatives, 2002-2003
(wrote scripts for sales representatives).

Courses Taught
Creative Skills Development
Creative Writing
Creative Writing Research
English Composition
Introduction to Game Writing
Introduction to Media Communications and Technologies
Literary Genre III: Science Fiction and Fantasy
Literary Techniques and Story Development
New Media Tools
Professional Writing
Project Management and Assessment I
Project Management and Assessment II
Project Management and Assessment III
Symbolic Communications and Cartography
Visual Thinking and Writing
Writing Workshop I: Film
Writing Workshop III: Storyboarding, Animation, and Comics

Spelk, “Resurrection” (12/1/18)
deComp, “Courteous Suicide” (8/8/18)
Aquifer: The Florida Review Online, “The Devil in Your Pants” (3/8/18)
The Airgonaut, flash fiction, “Nice Shot” (5/1/17)
Stirring: A Literary Collection, narrative nonfiction, “I Give You a Baby and You Drown It in the Bathtub” (3/1/16)
The Drunken Odyssey, film review, “The Ten Best Films of 2015” (2/25/16)
10,000 Tons of Black Ink, fiction, “Welcome Home, Kiddo” (3/2/15)
The Drunken Odyssey, book review, “The Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities” (1/27/15)
The Molotov Cocktail, flash fiction, “God’s Work” (11/15/14)
Danse Macabre, flash fiction, “Elevation” (12/13/13)
Saw Palm, essay, “Soldier Dead, Across the Street from Baby Land” (5/27/12)

Academic Integrity, (six presentations, 2011-2012)
Using Imagery in Communication, (12 presentations, 2009-2010)

Professional Organizations
Indienomicon (independent gaming convention)
A.W.P. (Association of Writers and Writing Publications) (2013-Present)
Stockyard Writer’s Association (2004-2005)
UCF Philosophy Club (2002-2003)
Spectrum Philosophy club (1999-2001)


The Space Station: Literocalpyse Relaunch (March 2015)
Avalon Gallery: There Will Be Words (October 2014)
Urban Rethink: Poetry Cover Night (August 2012)
Urban Rethink: Full Sail Reading Series (January 2012)
Valencia Reading Series (June 2001)
Volunteer Work
Planned Parenthood, information desk (October 2012)
Organize Now (canvassing)